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1. Formulation and Development of Nanostructred Lipid Carrier Loaded Emulgel of Ciclopirox Olamine
R B Saudagar, A S Bornare
The aim of this study was to prepare and evaluate emulgels incorporating nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) of Ciclopirox olamine (CPO) for topical application. Ciclopirox olamine has been used as model drug to be incorporated into nanostructured lipid carriers, once they are very well established as antifungal for the treatment of topical fungal infections. NLC designed for topical administration of Ciclopirox olamine, were prepared by the hot high pressure homogenization technique. This Ciclopirox olamine nanostructured lipid carrier was characterized for particle size, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency, and SEM. The lipid nanoparticles were incorporated in emulgels for convenient topical application and were evaluated for pH, Rheological analysis, Drug content, Spreadability, In vitro drug release studies, Antifungal studies and Stability studies. The preparation of aqueous NLC dispersions with a mean particle size lower than 300 nm has been obtained with uniform size distribution (PI < 0.518). An initial rapid release was observed in the case of Marketed gel, whereas optimized formulation depicted a slow initial release, the drug release of Marketed gel up to 12 hours (96.32%) and optimized formulation drug release up to 24 hours (98.13%).the antifungal activity of optimised formulation was better than Marketed gel.  Research work could be concluded as successful development of nanostructured lipid carrier loaded emulgel of Ciclopirox olamine to increase the entrapment efficiency of colloidal lipid carriers with advantage of improved performance in terms of stability and provides a controlled Ciclopirox olamine topical effect as well as faster relief from fungal infection.

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