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1. An Upstream Approach to Tackle Childhood Obesity in India!
Harika Bheemavarapu, Mohammad Arief
Till date, the approach of the Indian government towards tackling childhood obesity has been tilted more towards midstream and downstream i.e. lifestyle based; prioritizing on bringing about behavioral changes through persuasion and clinical intervention

2. Pharmacovigilance in Low and Middle-Income Countries: The Case of Pakistan
Rabia Hussain, Mohamed Azmi Hassali, Furqan Hashmi
Countries around the world are increasingly focusing on pharmacovigilance and medicine safety issues. To do so, high income countries have developed fully functional pharmacovigilance centres, and collaborating with the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for International Drug monitoring in Uppsala, Sweden. However, low and middle-income countries are still in the various phases of improving and strengthening their pharmacovigilance systems. Pakistan, being the sixth most populous country in the world lacks a stable and rigorous functioning system to monitor medicine safety. In this article, we discuss overall situation and steps needed to improve the situation in Pakistan.

3. A Review of Carbon Nano Tubes Synthesis and Its Application as Potent Carriers in Cancer Therapy
Nallagorla Sai Teja, N Jawahar
In 2017, about 252, 710  new cases have been diagnoses of breast cancer are expected in women, and around about 40,610 women are being likely to die from breast cancer. As of now there are many therapies for cancer treatment among them these carbon nano tubes are gaining a lot of intrest from the researchers side as an unique and a novel delivery system. These are chemically derived as the allotropes of the carbon molecules, hence due to their nano structures and their novel structural properties they are gaining a lot of scope in the nano technology, as that held a extensive scope in the pharmacy field. There are many methods for producing the nano tubes, to alter them structurally they have to be functionalized to have a good physio-biological properties to perform as a good delivery system for many drugs. The purity of the tubes can be enhanced by various purification techniques. Extensive and an in depth research work is being carried out in this field to make them a potent delivery system.

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