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1. Phytochemical Investigation and Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Potential of Benincasa hispida Peel Extracts.
Siddhant Rana, Ashish Suttee

2. Aqueous Two Phase Purification of Vigna radiata Amylase and its Characterization.
Kirti Rani

3. Phytochemical and Microscopical Investigations on Lawsonia inermis Roots.
Basirian Mina, V.Ch.Jeevani, Sivan Revathy, Chakravarthy Pramod, Rishi Ragav, S.N.Manjula, K Mruthunjaya

4. Antimicrobial Screening of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle Ex Benth Rhizome.
Surendra K. Sharma, Naresh Kumar

5. Phytochemical and Microbiological Evaluation of a Local Medicinal Plant Bacopa monnieri (l.) Penn.
A. K. Azad, M. Awang, M. M. Rahman
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