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Ashok Kumar Sharma, Pushpendra Singh Naruka, Shankar Soni, Yuvraj S. Sarangdevot, Mohit Khandelwal, Shaneza Aman

Objective: In the present reported project study, the effect of Natural superdisintegrant was compared with synthetic Superdisintegrants and conventional Superdisintegrants in the Fast-Dissolving tablet formulation of Clinidipine. Cilnidipine is the novel dihydropyridine calcium antagonist and calcium antagonistic activity of clinidipine is long lasting than those of Nifedipine and Nicardipine. Cilnidipine has been used for the treatment of any hypertension and hypertensive-associated vascular disorders. Cilnidipine shows a very low solubility (BCS Class-II drug Low solubility high permeability) and compliance to the medication is always very poor. The dissolution rate is directly proportional to solubility of drug. Methods: In the present work, 9 formulations of Fast Dissolving tablets of Clinidipine were prepared by using natural Superdisintegrants was evaluated and compiles with the official standards, parameters and specifications. Various formulations were prepared using three types of different superdisintegrant namely- Isapghula Husk, sodium starch glycolate, Crospovidone sodium with three concentrations (2%, 4%, 6%) by direct compression method. Result: The blend was evaluated for pre-compression parameters like Angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, and then tablet evaluated post-compression parameters like thickness, drug content, hardness, weight variation, wetting time, friability, disintegration time, dissolution time, drug release study. Formulation ST8 showed the lowest disintegration time and in-vitro dissolution studies recorded that formulation ST showed better drug release at the end of 3 minutes. Conclusion: The best formulations were also found to be stable and optimized formulations were subjected to the stability studies as per ICH guideline and standards.

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