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Sharath Kumar, Krishnananda Kamath K, A R Shabaraya
The distribution of medications into the relevant layers of the skin is referred to as dermal delivery. The delivery pathway has the potential to improve the active ingredients’ local bioavailability at their drug target. Nanocrystal-based formulations for dermal distribution have recently received a lot of attention due to their increased skin penetration. According to current research on nanocrystal for topical delivery, it could be a novel approach for all formulators struggling with poorly soluble drugs. Nanocrystals are a step forward from typical nanocarriers, offering 100 percent drug loading, a huge surface area, and the potential for follicular targeting. The skin structure and physiology, nanocrystal fabrication methods, and applications are discussed in this review.

Zvezdan Stojanović, Elvir Čajić, Eldin Turkić,Irma Ibrišimović
This paper presents the Parkinson “Parkinson detector” application, which was developed in the Android environment and which should provide a modest contribution to the timely detection of the initial symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The application was developed for a smartphone, commercially available to everyone and using existing, already built-in sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. The development of the application „Parkinson Detector“ is intended for use on smartphones to control the condition of the human body, as well as prevention and signaling in case of detection of the initial state of the disease. In time detection of such severe degenerative diseases as Parkinson’s disease (PD) would enable the timely application of therapy and improve the chances of care and control of the disease, because currently, PD is diagnosed when wide areas of the brain are already damaged, motor symptoms of patients are evident and begin to influence their common activities. We believe that the use of the application „Parkinson Detector“ can help improve the quality of life, especially in the elderly.


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