In-Situ Gelling System: A Review
Sarada K, Firoz S, Padmini K

Current review on in-situ gelling system explains about gels which are defined as intermediate state of matter consists of liquid and solid components. Hydrogels are also briefly discussed in the review that is defined as three dimensional structures which has capacity to retain bulk amount of water and also biological fluids to swell. In-situ gels are type of hydrogels that are solution in form and undergo gelation in contact with body fluids or change in pH. Some of the polymers that are used in in-situ gelling system are guar gum, gellan gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, xyloglucan, pectin, chitosan and thiolated chitosan. In this review on in-situ gelling system, some of the approaches through which in-situ gels can be obtained are also discussed. It also focuses on the applications of in-situ gels that are the type of novel drug delivery systems in which these systems can be formulated. Some of the novel drug delivery systems are oral, nasal, injectable and ophthalmic drug delivery systems.

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