Review on Natural Polysaccharide Based Particulate Drug Delivery Systems: An Inimitable Tactic in Novel Drug Delivery Systems Rohit Rajendra Bhosale, Riyaz Ali M. Osmani, Afrasim Moin. Polysaccharides seem to be the most promising materials in the preparation of micro and nanometeric carriers. Micro and nanoparticles may be comprised of several kind materials being classified as […]


Lipase Production From Free Cells and Immobilized Whole Cells: A Comparative Approach Saranya.N, Padma Gangeshwari. A Lipases play a vital role in modern Biotechnology owing to their multifaceted properties. Their production and purification procedures need to be improved in order to enhance their stability and turn over. This work was done to study the effect […]


Degradation Studies of Different Brands of Moxifloxac in Available in the Market Safila Naveed, Sheeba Uroog, Nimra Waheed Moxifloxacin is the wide range antibiotic effective against the (-ve) bacteria and (+ve) bacteria .The forced degradation studies conducted for the determination of degradation of durg product. According to ICH guide line moxifloxacin exposed to different condition. […]


Anti-inflammatory Activity of Aerial Part of Maerua apetala Roth (Jacobs) Against Carrageenan Induced Paw Edema. M.Packia Lincy, V.R.Mohan, S.Jeeva The present study was conducted to evaluate the antiinflammatory activity in the ethanol extract of aerial part ofMaerua apetala. The antiinflammatory activity was assessed by carrageenan induced paw oedema in albino rats. The aerial part extract […]


Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of Ipomoea pes-caprae (l.) R. Br. Extracts Arun Kumar, Shrabani Paul, Pingal Kumari , S. Thirugnanasambandan Somasundaram, K. Kathiresan Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br. (family Convolvulaceae), commonly known as “Ivy leaf morning glory” has long been used as a traditional medicine. This study was intended to characterize the antioxidant properties […]


In-Situ Gelling System: A Review Sarada K, Firoz S, Padmini K Current review on in-situ gelling system explains about gels which are defined as intermediate state of matter consists of liquid and solid components. Hydrogels are also briefly discussed in the review that is defined as three dimensional structures which has capacity to retain bulk […]


Basic Concepts of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring S Basalingappa, A Sharma, S Amarnath Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) is the process of measuring the concentration of a drug in blood and then correlating it clinically in order to optimize the therapy for the patient. It started in the 1960s and the last three decades have seen enormous […]