Artificial Intelligence for Hotels: 9 Trends to Know

Hotels com brings cutting edge tech to classic Christmas fun with charades chatbot The new LLM models such as ChatGPT can assist with writing brochures, while image generating AI such as Mid-Journey can generate imagery for promotional materials. One note is to use these AI assistants with care – as always, honest descriptions and imagery […]

E-Commerce Chatbot The Best Chatbot to Engage your Visitors

eCommerce Chatbots: The Complete Guide 2023 For example, users can add data and tune parameters of the GTP-3 model or dataset. The way someone submits questions to those models can also be influenced by the wording used to ask the questions. Fundamentally, Gartner said, ecommerce business chatbot ChatGPT can be used to improve content creation […]

10 Important KPIs and Metrics your Customer Support Team Should Be Using

Top 12 support KPIs for better customer service This is crucial – studies revealed that customers don’t mind waiting as long as their issues are resolved. You have to maintain a healthy balance between fast response and fast resolution. But then not all issues are the same, and some are resolved quicker than others. In […]

What Is Natural Language Understanding

Agatha, NLU and turning customer support agents into geniuses While both these technologies involve human-computer interactions, it is crucial to understand the nuances that set them apart. In this article, we will delve into the key differences between chatbots and conversational AI, shedding light on their distinct features and applications. Providing a fallback or “bailout” […]

12 Jobs that AI will never replace

Outokumpu is the first in the steel industry to use robotics in safety management supporting the vision of achieving the lowest accident frequency rate in the industry by 2025 OGV Energy Robotic technology is solving a host of problems that the food industry is facing, as these automated solutions maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Streamlining […]